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going to lose power, i had a feeling. >> reporter: the thought of even more nights in the dark is tough. >> it's exhausting, it's exhausting just to exist. >> reporter: and an army of power workers is already in the northeast because of sandy. officials say they are working around the clock. teresa garcia, cbs news, rockaway beach, new york. >> now remember at the height of sandy there were nine million people without power. they sure don't need this. hundreds of flights were canceled and even travel waivers were given before the latest storm came out. that's because last week hurricane sandy damaged the computer landing systems in new york and new jersey. they help planes land in low visibility. for even future weather on bad days expect cancellations and delays in the region until the problems are fixed. after tuesday lots of questions about the future of life in maryland were answered. the passage of question 7 clears the way for table games and a sixth casino in prince george's county.
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yesterday, the maryland lottery gaming and control commission said rules for table games could be in place by the end of the year. they also said casinos could start adding them early next year. but that new casino in prince george's county. it probably won't be a reality until 2016. on the issue of same sex marriage in the state, officials will begin issuing marriage license applications on january 1st. today, several groups are planning to rally in lafayette park outside the white house to call for federal action on the dream act. on tuesday, maryland became the first state in the nation to allow illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at public colleges. students are eligible after attending high school in the state for three years, and if they or their parents can prove they filed state income tags during that -- taxes during that time. the long lines and in some cases it led to short tempers at polling police stations in prince william could be -- places in prince william county. they are going to consider possible solutions to make sure
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this isn't a performance once again during the next election. in one place voters waited up to five hours to cast their ballots. roughly 20,000 more voters showed up this time than for the election in 2008 for president. the long wait for everybody wasn't all bad though. >> pretty remarkable. i mean i have a 6-year-old daughter we were in line for about an hour and a half. in the cold. but good conversation. plenty of laughter. and then she had the chance to enter the voting booth. >> so good experience for that gentleman. that's nice. one solution already under consideration? buy more voting machines for all the people there were only six. well, voters in puerto rico approved a pressure for the island to -- measure for the island to become the 51st state. it's a nonbinding referendum and still requires the final approval by congress. president obama reports it and will respect the will of the people. we've reported that so many years that state hood for d.c. has been an effort for some
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time with no success. both parties are willing to compromise on a deal to avoid that fiscal cliff. president obama called leaders to start negotiations to deal with the issue. house speaker john boehner said he's willing to compromise on raising some taxes. >> sounds good right? compromise. have we heard that lately? vice president joe biden says the obama administration is willing to compromise as well. the cliff is an across the board tax increase in spending cuts coupled at the same time and that's scheduled to kick in at the end of the year. economists say the impact could push america into another recession. >> the no steps are taken cuttings will cost you some real none. gary nuremberg as more on the sequestration issue. >> reporter: congress couldn't get a deal to cut the deficit. going off the fiscal cliff means crashing into your home. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff, we will increase taxes by $500 billion through 2013.
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that's an average tax increase of $3,500 for every household in america. >> reporter: then, there is sequestration. months can months ago congress said we'll impose automatic cuts that are so bad in january, that of course we'll cut a better deal before they kick in. they havement cut a better -- they haven't cut a better deal. >> it's just across the board. it's just a very slap dash approach. and in that respect people are going to get hurt unnecessarily. so thank the department of interior. department of commerce. across the board cuts. >> reporter: for that matter, think metro. >> with you $12 million cuts in the federal contribution to metro and ridership will go down. they think this could be about a $30 million hit to metro. >> reporter: $100 billion in cuts. >> every single government program except for medicaid and social security is going to get cut at the end of the year. if we go over the cliff. >> reporter: with government cuts that big, guess who gets hit the hardest?
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>> this will be felt across the board in many respects in a way that this region has never felt. >> let's rise above the dysfunction and do the right thing together. >> reporter: but time is ticking for the now lame duck congress. >> hard to imagine they can actually work out a deal between now and christmas. >> reporter: so guess how congress may deal with the impending crisis? the speaker of the house apparently has an idea. >> the idea is to delay the entire fiscal cliff for a year to give congress the time to work on tax and entitlement reform. >> reporter: moving the crisis to the beginning of 2014, an election year. you know how much politicians want to make tough choices like raising tax, or cutting in an election year. if nothing happens this all hits on january 2nd. happy new year. gary nuremberg, 9news now. a ninth woman has come forward saying she is the latest victim of a serial groper in north virginia. there were two imaccidents last thursday near the avenue in springfield.
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and then another one at falls church said a man matching the same description grabbed her last month. the suspect has fondled women between the ages of 15 and 42 since september. officers have now increased patrols in the neighborhood and also using undercover officers as decoys with an effort to capture the suspect. the east coast rapist is expected to plead guilty. investigators say aaron thomas is linked to sexual assaults -- excuse me up and down the east coast and prosecutors say thomas will indeed plead guilty to attacks in prince william and loudoun counties. in 2009, he allegedly attacked three teenage trick-or-treaters on halloween and also accused of raping a woman in her apartment in 2001. 4:36. a look at the other stories making news. today the man who wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords and killed six others will be sentenced. jared loughner is expected to get life in prison with no chance of parole. giffords and her husband are expected to attend the sentencing along with other
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survivors. a california man who made an antiislamic film which sparked protests in the arab world is going back to jail. he was sentenced to one year in jail for violating his probation. that's stemming from a 2010 bank fraud conviction. dozens were killed in the protests over the film in several countries including egypt and yemen. looks like more accolades are pouring in for the washington nationals. first baseman adam la roach won the first golden gov last month. gonzalez who led all pitchers in the major leagues with 21 wins is of course a finalist for the cy young award win this year. dicey johnson is nominated for the manager of the year and price harper is up for the rookie of the year. they will be announced next week. will major league slugger josh hamilton be coming to baltimore? the orioles are now in the conversation.
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he is considered widely the best position mayer on the market right now. it will be a hefty price tag, $175 million is the rumor. 4:38. windy and chilldy. the two -- chilly. the two best words to describe our thursday. howard is back in two minutes with our forecast. >> rough day on the markets yesterday after the presidential election. wait until you see how low it went. >> yep. i'm thinking. the debt crisis in europe is also back on the mind of investors, jessica will have those stories and more at 4:41. >> stay with 9news now, we're back in two minutes.
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welcome back. 4:40 on this thursday morning. it is breezy and chilly this morning. even an isolated sprinkle south and east of town now but we'll see the sunshine return by midday. if not mid to late morning. temperatures will get to
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between 50 and 55 with sunshine this afternoon. and looks like we've got a nice warmup coming our way. i'll tell you about that when i see you at about five minutes. right now here's monika with timesaver traffic. here in the district, it looks good. pennsylvania avenue at the sousa bridge. a good indication of all the potomac and anacostia river crossings. by the way in jessup, there's an accident northbound 95 after route 32. two left lanes are blocked and i'll have details on that coming up in my next report at 4:47. andrea and mike? it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> jessica doyle is here with fickle fun in the financial markets. >> oh boy. >> pick greece, pick the presidential election, whatever you want. >> we'll take the presidential election okay? really bad day on wall street yesterday. i don't know if you guys looked but wall street went into a free fall after the election. those took a hit. also investors are concerned the obama administration and congress will not be able to reach a deal which would avoid
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falling off is so-called fiscal cliff before the beginning of the new year. checking the numbers -- here's the upside. at least we're not in greece. greece -- they're angry about the new austerity measures that clashed with riot police in athens. look at the fires there on the streets in athens. this happened outside parliament where lawmakers discussed ways to cut spending in order to receive another eu bailout. the debate inside the building was interrupted when parliament employees went on strike. to protest wage cuts. at&t will pay the government $700,000 because of a computer error that forced some smart phone users to pay for monthly data plans. in 2009 the company made the subscribers move to the plans but it wasn't supposed to
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charge existing customers with plans. the fcc says if this has happened to you at&t has to restore your old plan and could give you a refind of up to $30 a month. check it out. >> love it. yeah. good. thanks jess. >> we love refunds. researchers in north carolina are using rats to help women who struggle when it comes to getting pregnant. >> we're back in two minutes with more on that story plus your weather first. stay with us, we'll be back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now, 4:45 on this thursday morning. looking forward to the weekend and some warmer temperatures after the cold start. >> we've got the heart walk saturday morning. it will be in the 40s saturday morning but in the afternoon well in the 60s. >> bring the sunglasses right? >> exactly and sunday, sunday you can be in the -- 70s potentially, low 70s that is in spots. it's going to be nice we have to get past this morning where
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it's chilly and breezy and in some cases a few leftover sprinkles but only east and southeast of town. the bus stop, if for you this -- forecast for you this morning. 30s to 40s, cloudy and a little breezy. a few gusts in the 20 to 25- mile an hour range and i'm calling it blustery this morning. mid 30s to mid 40s out there. sunrises at 6:43 and it sets at 5:00 on the nose today. eastern standard time and we're going to get sunnier later this afternoon. -- later this morning into the afternoon. we start with clouds. 41 at 8:00. we're going to be warmer than this. it will be like 49 at noon. 51 at 4:00. topping out about 54. and by 8:00 p.m. we'll be back into the mid 40s there but look at the winds. northwest 15, 18, gusting 25, maybe 30 at times. satellite and radar really shows the weather had some light rain showers mainly around here couple of flakes mixed in here and there. this morning, though, you can see all the snow the heavier snow that fell across parts of eastern new jersey up into connecticut.
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some areas had a foot of snow in connecticutment we are leftover with a sprinkle or two. you see it down to our south and east. this stuff coming out of prince frederick falling apart to leonardtown. but on the lower eastern shore just east avenue cambridge there -- of cambridge there across route 50 a few showers. 32 in cumberland. winchester and gaithersburg 37 with 42 here in d.c.. and outside on our michael & son weather camera, we've got cloudy skies, little bit of a breeze and you can sort of see the flag blowing there at the u.s. capitol. 42. feeling though it's like 46 with a northerly wind at 12. quantico gusts to 22, 23 miles an hour and look how dry it is. the dew point is at 23 a sign of really dry air that's been wrapping around the backside of the storm. check this out. can you see this right here? look how tightly wound this low pressure area is spinning. not -- not barely moving right now. it is going to move a little bit here but you got bands of snow across maine and parts of
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new england coming even in toward long island and connecticut. where it's been piling up. at jfk yesterday 4 inches of snow. not only a record for the date few the first time they ever -- but the first time they ever had snow on november 7th. high pressure building in. the difference between the low and high driving the winds out of the north and northwest. as the low pulls away that will relax and so will the winds. we start with the clouds here. couple of rain and snow showers off to the east but look 11:45, western areas going to see sunshine. maybe some clouds lingering south and east. we get into the afternoon, and notice hey we're nice and sunny. just dealing with low pressure right around cape cod. but for us, clear skies, tonight we'll have clear skies. tomorrow, and a milder day on friday. our highs on friday will get close to the 60-degree mark and then on saturday, we're likely to see maybe a couple of clouds passing. most of it north of town. saturday mid 60s and on sunday, that's when i think we could actually top the 70-degree mark
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sunday and monday. so hang in we got a nice couple of days headed our way. little windy today. 54. tonight we're back in the 30s. area wide. upper 30s in town. low to mid-30s north and west with lighter winds. 60 degrees a warmer day on friday. 65 on saturday. looking real nice. i hope you come join me at the heart walk at nationals park. saturday morning. and then sunday, skins are off but the ravens are home, should be great for that time. 72. and our next chance of rain and maybe even a thunderstorm tuesday temperatures back into the low 60s. monika samtani it is 4:49. i can't wait for this weekend. oh i can't wait for this weekend. it's going to be great and when you hear this you're going to want the weekend even more. i'm so sorry, there's an accident on the northbound side of i-95. 395 north of king street and apparently it's blocking the two lanes there. northbound 95 looks okay out of dale city. but a live look and just beyond this camera shot at mile marker 6, there's an accident blocking two lanes just out of the
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camera shot. so be aware of that and i'll keep you posted on it. also an accident in maryland, northbound 95 near jessup as well. so be aware of that. let's go back over to our maps this time we'll head over to the north side of town. this time on 270. southbound the lanes are open out of frederick as you head for clarksburg and down to the point where the lanes divide. and a live look one more time outside, here's what it looks like at i-370 you're good to go. back to you guys. the director of the massachusetts pharmacy board has been fired for ignoring a complaint about the company which has been linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak. this was back in july. colorado pharmacy board complained the new england compounding center was shipping drugs in bulk which it's not supposed to do. the director james coffey would respond as soon as possible and nothing was ever done. it sickened hundreds more and killed 31 people. the new study finds cholesterol lowering drugs can
4:51 am
reduce cancer deaths by up to 15%. researchers at copenhagen university says statins cut off the effect of cholesterol in cells and that can limit the growth of malignant cells. more trials are needed though before they're prescribed for cancer patients. science is moving closer to helping women get protect. >> vinita nair has more on breakthrough research. >> reporter: many women struggle to get pregnant because the number of eggs they have and the eggs' quality drops as women get older. but now researchers are experimenting with a process that can create new eggs from ovarian cells. >> then we're able to grow these cells outside the body. we are able to form the eggs again. >> reporter: scientists hope these early stage eggs could one day be fertilized. >> the hope is of course to place those eggs right back into the same patient so there will be no rejection and those are the patient's own eggs that
4:52 am
can be fertilized. >> reporter: the ultimate goal is to use it with people. so women can have another source of eggs which are their own. >> we give a huge boost to those patients' choices for fertility options. right now, obviously the most important thing for women to realize is that we don't -- that we don't have those options available yet. >> reporter: and researchers at wake forest agree it will be quite some time before they can try to create eggs from women's cells. vinita nair for cbs news, new york. the institute for regenerative medicine at wake forest is currently working on growing more than 30 different organs and tissues in their laboratory now. drinking black tea may lower the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. researchers in switzerland analysessed data from 50 nations and discovered lower numbers in places where people drank a lot of black tea. doctors say the fer men take process will -- fermentation process provides several
4:53 am
benefits. drink up. caffeine may help you recognize positive words. two to three cups of coffee can increase the speed and accuracy of recognizing words with positive con notations. the i tempt was not -- connotations. the effect was not the same with negative words. say things nicely. okay, time now for the question of the morning -- or d., four letter word. log on to wusa9's facebook fan page and leave your response. we'll have the answer to the question in our 6:00 show. keep it here. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. howard here, your weather
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first, 4:55 on this thursday morning. it's a little chilly out there. you'll need the jackets, 30s and 40s and cloudy skies and even a sprinkle south and east early but we're going to see the sun return by midday. going to be 50 to 55 this afternoon. and the winds could gust at times over 25 miles an hour. monika? on the inbound side of i- 66, we're just getting word of the accident right after the car rest area on the right side of the roadway. once you're on that you're okay here at route 29 going for the beltway. i'll keep you posted on that situation coming up in my next report. they really need it now. today donations to victims of sandy will travel to the northeast. the students are from mclean from chester brook elementary. they teemed up to -- teamed up to deliver relief items to people in staten island. supplies were dropped off wednesday and put in a tractor- trailer. you still have time to help us help those hit hardest by sandy. just log on the facebook and like our page. we're donating $1 to the american red cross for every
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"like" we get. a healthier way the get through the day. that's the goal. so d.c. government and public schools are now serving fewer processed foods. d.c. council members cheh and mcduffey were at the high school for a garden to table cooking demonstration and students were encouraged to start community gardens and spend more time in their own kitchens while there. the greater washington heart walk kicks off at 9:30 this saturday at nationals park. howard and other members of the 9news now family will be there and it's not too late to sign up. there's a link on the health page on our website, and we thank all of you who are signing up. howard will be looking for you out there and another members of the 9news now team. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> and i'm mike hydeck. we're glad you're here, monika samtani will be with us momentarily with traffic. howard is going to start off with weather and we kind of dodged it. >> we did despite a shot of
4:58 am
winter they're getting across areas ofingly fund and jersey and -- new england and new jersey. connecticut we were looking your old stomping grounds 8 inches in hartford and 12 inches in north haven. quite a blast of winter on top of sandy last week. yeah, bad situation. >> 6 inches by mid-afternoon yesterday. >> it was coming down the beat the band -- to beat the band for a while and it was quite a storm the nor'easter off the coast of cape cod right now. a little bit of that in the form soft some wind for us and also take the clouds with it and then we're going to have a sunnier afternoon and the winds will still be around but a really nice weekend is coming our way. so just hold tight. here is a look at your day planner. starting out with cloudy skies and even a sprinkle on the lower eastern shore right now. but by noon 49 and sunshine returns. we get up to the 54-degree range or so in town. some spots near 50 north and west the 5:00 p.m. temperature of 50 degrees and by the way that's when the sun sets tonight. 5:00 on the nose eastern
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standard time. but this nor'easter was something. along the coast there was some gusts 50 to 60 miles an hour. little tough to see. this thing is just completely cranking out here. just southeast of nantucket and cape cod. still snowing across central and western long island into connecticut. up into areas of maine and new hampshire. and jersey the snow has ended. good news. they can get back to restoring some of the additional power out annals -- outages this has caused. maybe another couple hundred thousand power outages. they're back in the dark again and for us you can see how the clouds are coming all the way back here to areas in eastern west virginia. pretty quiet this morning on the radar. a few sprinkles along the delaware, maryland line here. west of salisbury. this is moving to the south and we had seen some shower activity up across calvert and prince frederick county. that's falling apart but

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